Fabrication with technology

Plastic Fabrication Capabilities

At Piasa Plastics, Inc., we strive to keep our fabrication capabilities on the cutting edge of currently available technology. The equipment we employ provides us the opportunity to present our customers with a finished product that's superior in quality to much of what's currently available on the market today. Also, because the majority of our fabrication work is done in-house, we're able to pass along significant savings to our clientele; making us an optimum choice for all of your plastic fabrication needs.

To compliment our fabrication services, we also offer a complete graphic art department, utilizing automated silkscreen machines. We can customize your products and set you apart with distinction from your competitors!


We can do straight line bends on plastics up to 96" long. Our newest bending machine is a state-of-the-art Elite Automated Thermo Bender. This unit has the thermo forming capability to make 4 bends at a time on any plastic up to 1.25" thick. The new technology this machine represents, greatly reduces bending time while producing superior quality fabricated parts.





We finish the edges of our acrylic parts with a Diamond Edge Polishing Machine. This unit can self-feed plastic parts up to 2' thick at a speed of 60" per minute. The Edge Polishing Machine uses industrial diamonds to finish the edges of the plastic, resulting in the clearest possible edges available today. We also use the standard flame polishing method to put a shine on all the exposed edges, ensuring that the finished product will provide the sparkle needed to make your retail displays shine.





We have in house an AWT forced air thermoforming oven which is 72" wide and is 54' long. This oven uses a conveyor belt to feed plastic sheeting into the 3 heating chambers, giving us unlimited forming capability with consistent quality.



Silk Screening

Our graphic art department utilizes automatic silkscreen machines capable of doing prints up to 30" x 40" and manual machines which can do prints up to 36" x 84". We can also produce custom vinyl graphics and lettering.




We enjoy the opportunity of making new ideas into a totally functional part. We know samples are usually the first step in the thought process and we are sensitive to time constraints you may face. We can, in most cases, give you one to two day service on samples if necessary so please don't hesitate to challenge us.









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